The Story of McCloud Shoes

Allan Parkinson: Allan began his lifetime association with the footwear industry at the age of 14, when he was employed by a shoe repairer in Footscray during the depression. A few years later he was invited to join a family owned footwear retail business in which he rose to the position of manager. Allan was discharged from the army after the Second World War, and returned to manage the same footwear business in Footscray for a few more years.

The McCloud Shoe business was purchased by Allan in 1949, and at that stage it was located in a small shop at 118 Queen Street. The store grew from modest beginnings as Allan ran it on his own for ten years. Allan was a very experienced shoe man, and the business was growing quite steadily through this period, so his son Peter was pleased to join him in 1959 and ease the burden.

Grandsons Paul and Bradley Parkinson commenced in 1989 to become the third generation in the McCloud Shoes history. Paul joined the retail side of the firm and Bradley entered the manufacturing part of the business, to be trained up as a qualified shoe maker.